Online training for advocates and prevention specialists.

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Hotline Advocacy

Courses about the role of hotline advocates, active listening skills, and tips and techniques.

Information and Resources

An overview of sharing information and resources to survivors.

Introduction to Advocacy

This course includes two lessons: "What is Advocacy" and "The History of the Movement to End Rape"

Legal Advocacy

The role and limits of legal advocacy and an overview of the criminal justice system.

Sexual Violence 101

A series of courses that cover the definition of sexual assault, statistics, the impacts on survivors and co-survivors, and the dynamics of sexual assault.

The Social Ecological Model

This course will provide an overview of the Social Ecological Model. After completing this course, you will be able to understand how the Social Ecological Model can be used to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence and be able to identify the four levels of the Social Ecological Model.

Vicarious Trauma

A series of lessons on vicarious trauma and self-care.